When do Swap Gates open?
Officially 7 AM on Friday, if you come on Thursday, you will be charged $50 early entry fee and we will not park before 5:00pm.

If I am not selling anything, when can I come in?
Spectator gates open at 7 AM on Friday. 7AM on Saturday.

Can I bring my dog?
We prefer you don't bring your dog, but if they must come, they must be leashed and you must clean up after it.

Do I have to pay for parking?
Our parking is free for daily spectators.

Can I camp there?
We have an overflow parking area for trucks and campers. We charge $30 to park for the weekend.

Can I have a camp fire?

Is there food/beverage on site?
We have several food vendors and beer tents open during our active events. Once the event is done for the day, so is the sale of food & beverages.

If I am handicapped, can I bring my own golf cart?
Yes - but you have to show us your handicap permit and have insurance on your vehicle.

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